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In 2005, Jonathan Zimmerman had a deeply boring life until his curiosity revealed a dark secret linked to war, murder and his grandmother in the Ukraine during the second world war.

On the Fenceline 

Former secret service agent Orla Jensen must suddenly choose in 2025 between saving the western world from China's plot to control the world's biggest shipping company, or keeping his deadly secret.

DrR (release 2023)

Fallen from grace as an international financier to a homeless recluse, RedCap Sam finds a murdered former friend in a back alley and knows instantly that the global economy is about to be decimated if he doesn't get help and stop the murderer. But who would help a homeless man save the world?

Klump (release 2024)

The lives of Zimmerman, Jensen and Sam twist through a chicane of choices that can only end badly or dramatically, and not without serious consequences for all.

Join them.



Born 1970, Denmark.

At the age of six, his British parents, desiring the ability to be ostentatious with their wealth, left Denmark to pursue their bunker-fuel sales business from Canada. Heidl was quickly acquainted with grand forests and the rugged 

landscape of the west coast.

He obtained a degree in Architecture. Soon thereafter, he built a small firm in Victoria, and discovered a passion for fiction. With his wife and children, presently located on a small island off a large island, he enjoys the little pleasures of life such as mint vodka and sailing.



Man Portrait

Alfred H., PhD

I was worried that Suzanna may have actually killed her sister. I didn't expect the ending.

Young Consultant

Mary Lou

What a thrill that was.

Asian Man

Ian T.

A time and place I had no idea about. How could Ukraine suffer so often; there she was, trying to save her children. Surprise, surprise.

Giving Back

I have long had a passion for connecting people with nature. It is with great joy that I can donate up to 10% of the royalties earned from writing and give it to two local organizations on opposite ends of the Earth.

Mayne Island Conservancy works with the community to conserve the ecology of Mayne Island and its surrounding waters for future generations.

Mols Laboratory is a field-based learning centre in Denmark working to rewild one of the most highly managed landscapes in the world.

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